The “spin” in Spin Shot

finesse worm on bass fishing drop shot hook

What sets this hook apart the most from other drop shot hooks is clearly the swivel running through the eye of the hook. One of the biggest drawbacks of drop shotting, especially when using anything but braided line as the main line, is the tendency for line twists to develop. If the bait isn’t rigged absolutely perfectly, it tends to spin in the water on the fall and when it’s being reeled in.

So throughout a fishing trip, there’s this constant process of re-rigging and repositioning the hook so the bait doesn’t spin, or you end up with line twists that you have to unwind and untangle. VMC took a radical approach to solve this problem and put a swivel through the eye to not only give the hook the ability to spin freely around the swivel, but also for any line twists that do develop to unwind by letting the swivel rotate within the eye of the hook. The latter helps eliminate the inevitable slight line twists that might occur when the hook and swivel get in a temporary bind, on a cast for instance.