The sound


This thing sounds fantastic in the water and really possesses its own unique noise. There are 3 components that go into creating this sound: the prop, the rattle and the wake itself. On the tail-end of the bait, you’ll find a small metal prop. As the bait swims back along the surface, you can hear this little prop splashing and squeaking, almost like a miniature buzzbait.

Then there’s the rattle. One big metal bead chambered in the front half of the bait paired with a small bead in the tail end creates a nasty and slow one knocker sound on the front end amplified by a faster, sharper rattle in the back; it’s really a cool combination. Then on top of all of that, the actual water sloshing around as the bait wakes along the surface creates a little more noise. The culmination of all three audio outputs creates a unique combination that’s just loud enough to help fish track the bait, but not so loud as to turn one off as it gets close to the lure. Really well done here.