The small rod is more than docks

B’n’M Poles crappie fishing rod

Originally, I wanted a short 6-foot rod for shooting docks. And bar none, it’s my favorite. Specifically the B’n’M Sharp Shooter is my favorite for shooting docks. Put 4-pound line and a 1/16-ounce jig on that setup and you can shoot a jig to the back of the dock. But the short rod will do so much more than just get you underneath boats and dock walkways. When you’re fishing a piece of visible cover and you want to stay back and shoot into the cover, the short rod and the shooting cast is way better than trying to a whip a jig into the cover with an over hand cast. I will shoot at visible stake beds, laydowns, cracks in bluff banks, between weeds, and more. I shoot a lot in windy conditions where the wind catches a little light jig more the higher it is off the water.

A little short rod is handy for tight quarters, precise placement and heavy wind.

The Sharp Shooter from B’n’M Poles is shown here along with their new 75 Series Combo that is an awesome casting in between rod that can handle casting at a distance to crappie, pitching to nearby cover and even some vertical jigging as well. And then the B’n’M Poles The Stick long jigging rod is 13 feet of slab snatching goodness. It’s comfortable, strong and sticks crappie in deep cover. So if B’n’M Poles is your favorite or you’re looking for a solid long storied crappie company to get your rods from, this is a great 3-rod mix to handle everything.