The sensitivity will impress you


 Aside from being so lightweight, the Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Spinning Rod is remarkably sensitive. The unique reel seat design allows you to have constant and direct contact with the 40-ton high modulus graphite blank. Regardless of how you prefer to hold your spinning rods in regards to finger positioning, you’ll enjoy feeling everything your bait is doing underwater.

More specifically, I’ve been using the 7-foot, medium-action model and the added sensitivity has made it an outstanding dock-fishing rod for wacky rigs, weightless stick worms, weightless worms and shaky heads. You’re able to feel bites very easily, even on slack line, which allows you to quickly set the hook and get the fish away from any hazards that could break your line. I never use more than 8-pound test on my spinning gear, so it’s very important to me that I can identify a bite and put the proverbial ball into my court as quickly as possible.