The second problem with my previous storage method


I’m a shallow-water guy and due to my location, I can throw a frog for about eight or nine months each year. Because of this, I own roughly one million frogs. I’m joking of course but for real… I have a bunch of dang frogs. I might have a problem. 

The issue with having this many frogs is that I want to bring too many each time I go fishing, so I’ll stuff a pile of ’em into my tackle tray before I hit the water. The traditional tackle trays, however, don’t have much of a concave lid which smashes the frogs together. 

Again, this isn’t a huge deal for short-term storage but I can promise you this will ruin your frogs’ body shapes if you leave them like this for more than a few days. Just look in the trash can in my shop for proof.