The ride


To most die-hards, the ride of this boat is everything. Quality components are backed with pultruded fiberglass where something is mounted or attached to create a stronger base with better screw retention. It also comes down to strength too and the advanced design of the hull superstructure isolates vibration and bumps of rough water. The lift of the Z521L felt different but once the throttle was hammered, I again remembered how comfortable the Ranger ride could be. 

Ranger talks about a one piece feel, and I get it after riding in the 521L. Every part of the boat is an integration not an afterthought. That creates the ride and a durability that lasts. 

Solid, well thought out and smooth is the best way to describe the ride. Even in rough water, the Z521L is a luxury liner. Full-out throttle in a 2- or 3-foot chop and it still rides like it is slick with no wind. That one characteristic is a big seller to me on just how well these boats are still built. Because of the seating and how the driver and passenger sit down in the boat, you feel safe at all speeds. Knowing the standards for level floatation were designed by Ranger gives me comfort to know that they are tough as nails and will take a pounding if the going gets rough.

Foot rests and grab handles are located well so the passenger doesn’t feel like they are riding a bull. The same is true for the driver, and the adjustable seats allow even a short guy like me to feel secure and comfortable. I also love the tilt wheel and the no slop feel of the steering. 

Hydraulic steering has changed the game from a torque perspective, there isn’t any, and you don’t have to ever fight the wheel at either high or low speed operation. The remote drain plug is another welcome addition so no more crawling under the boat to see if it is in.