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umbrella rig for bass fishing

The eye of this jighead has a good angle to it whether you’re fishing it as a single swimmer or rigging up 5 of these on an umbrella rig. I’d say the angle of the eye is at about 135 degrees form the shaft of the hook, which works well for baits intended to target suspended fish. The angled eye helps the bait swim back horizontally to the boat without having the upward pull that you’d get from a 90-degree eye.

Conveniently packaged 5 at the time, Jewel keeps the options simple. You have white as the one color choice and two size options, 1/8- and 3/16- ounce. Coming in at $5.69 per pack, the Jewel Rig Jig Heads can complete any umbrella rig provided you already have a pack of your favorite soft-plastic swimmers handy. And if you prefer your swimbait to fly solo, the Rig Jig Head works well for that too.

With a particularly effective head design that keeps the bait running true and the soft plastic in place, this jighead sets itself apart from a lot of the other jigheads you might simply throw a swimbait on out of convenience. Add to that one of the most effective hook designs out there for this style bait and you’ve got yourself a solid little swimbait head that I’d say stacks up nicely against the competition.

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