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If you’re buying sunglasses for fishing, you should never buy any that aren’t polarized. Polarization refers to the filtering out of horizontal light rays. The filter only allows vertical rays to come through to be processed by the eye, which is why they’re able to knock the glare off the water and allow you to see down into it better. You can also see this effect in reverse if you tilt your head to the side while looking at your graph, phone or computer with polarized lenses on. The screen will appear black as the polarized lens filters out the horizontal rays.

The S11 in the name represents Strike King’s 11 layers of polarized lens technology. There’s also a bi-gradient mirror treatment to protect from the light bouncing off the water, super hydrophobic coating to repel dust, oil and water and an anti-reflective coating, which prevents light from bouncing off the back of the eye, resulting in a clearer, non-distorted image.