The pull


The pull is something I’ve seen work the last several years when fishing for crappie around brush. You can do it on a straight retrieve and when tight lining over brush. Your jig will sometimes land over a branch and if you learn to feel that bit of extra tension on your line, you can learn to pull the jig over and let it fall off the cover. That has also been very effective lately as the fish have been right on the edges of the cover. If you can clear the cover around crappie, you get a bite nearly every time. 

It’s definitely not fool proof, and it becomes increasingly difficult as the wind blows. Again you have to be willing to sacrifice a few jigs. The biggest thing is not to pull hard into the cover or jerk the rod. If you can master raising the rod and just pulling the jig up and over, it will often come over clean and you get a bite as soon as you give the jig slack again.