The problem


One of the many problems with fishing soft paddle tail swimbaits involves storing them. Either you have to have a big bag to store the clam shells and then you end up with clam shells everywhere and they are cumbersome to store on boats like a kayak or carry with you if you are fishing from the bank.

But if you put a bunch of swimbaits into a Plano stowaway or other hard tackle box, you end up with a bunch of swimbaits with the tails cocked over to one side, and they end up not swimming very well, if at all. The weight of the other baits in the tray smush the tails until they end up taking that new warped position and shape. You can boil the tails to fix them but you want to be able to fish them out of the box.

It’s a bit of a conundrum if you want to carry multiple colors and sizes of your favorite types of soft swimbaits somewhat effectively.