The name doesn’t lie


They call it the “Rocket” for a reason. With every turn of the reel handle, the Revo Rocket takes up 41 inches of line which is unheard of. If you’re using any technique that requires bottom contact, you’ll certainly notice a difference in your efficiency and hookup ratio with this reel.

It has made pitching, flipping and dragging in the hot summer months much more tolerable for me. I like to fish fast and I have a tough time slowing down and soaking a soft-plastic bait. This reel, however, allows me to make targeted pitches and flips into shallow cover and quickly retrieve my bait to make subsequent presentations much quicker. So instead of burning a bunch of time fishing down a stretch of bank, I can quickly hit my targets and move on to the next area. This time of year is a numbers game and this Rocket lets me put my bait in front of as many active fish as possible.