The most natural presentation


Though I liked fishing this bait on a slow fall and working it along the surface like a jerk bait, I really like it best fished along the bottom. You can do this by rigging the bait on a shaky head, a lightweight Texas rig, a Tokyo rig or a Carolina rig. But there’s a reason I like it on bottom best.

The Namazu Stick Bait best resembles a small catfish, which I never really considered being a major food source of bass before. But after thinking about it, especially in the muddy creeks I like to fish where we’ll often intentionally fish for catfish when camping, it makes perfect sense that bass would eat them and even target them.

Bass are opportunistic feeders. Though there are certainly external factors like barometric pressure and water temperature that dictate their level of aggression, when they are in a mood to feed, they’ll eat just about anything. Bass eat other bass, crawfish, crappie, shad, shiners and whatever else is available. I just hadn’t thought of small catfish before. But Nishine did, so again, well done thinking outside the box and creating something a little different to try to trigger another bite.