The moral of the story

angler grabbing bass in creek

Let the older anglers tell their tales and make sure you’re making some memories of your own to embellish some day. Fishing has gotten pretty competitive and a little stale for a lot of us. It’s easy to lose appreciation for the allure of it all that brought us to this sport in the first place. I know I have at times.

Remember that fishing is supposed to be fun. If it’s not for you lately, you’re probably doing it wrong. Grab you a rod and a reel and a young kid who has never been before. Head down to a pond or creek and just see what it’s like for someone to feel that tug for the first time again. Hopefully nostalgia will kick in for you too and you can take a much needed stroll down memory lane as well.

Take it from me, it’s a stroll that’s dang good for the soul.