The models make sense


For the last year or two, I’ve been testing some really odd LPAs (length, power and action) for some reason. They’ve been decent rods, but some of them just didn’t make sense and I couldn’t find a certain application for them.

Abu Garcia really didn’t try to get cute with the seven different Winch options which I really appreciate. I’m a big believer in simplicity in regards to bass fishing (and life in general, for that matter) and man, these rod models are totally practical and easy to match up to your favorite technique.

I’ve really enjoyed the jerkbait rod which is the 6-foot, 10-inch medium-action model. The rod is just short enough that I don’t constantly slap the surface of the water as I work my jerkbait back to the boat. It’s also long enough, however, that it doesn’t feel like I’m using a kid’s rod. The length has also been a big help for making precise casts around shallow cover and dock posts. I’ve gotten into jerkbaiting a good bit over the past two years and this is certainly one of the best jerkbait rods I’ve come across so far.