The Jerkbait Combo


Rod: Megabass Orochi XX 6’11” Jerkbait Special

Reel: Daiwa Steez A TW 7.1:1

Line: Seaguar Tatsu 10-pound

Lure: Ito Vision Oneten or Oneten+1

Why it’s a favorite: The Orochi XX rods have such a crisp snap-back action, and they are so sensitive, I can feel when one takes the jerkbait even on semi-slack line with my head turned. They make fishing a jerkbait so effortless. I put my most expensive reel on this rod for the Porsche setup when using a real finesse and tedious technique like jerkbait fishing in the coldest parts of winter.

The 10-pound Seaguar Tatsu stays limp and casts great and fishes really better than most fluorocarbons because of its small diameter.

The Oneten and Oneten+1 are such proven baits for me that I have a ton of confidence at times when I know the bite can be the toughest. I fish a bunch of other jerkbaits on this combo including Rapala Shadow Raps, SPRO McSticks, and DUO Realis 110SP.