The instant ice pack is a great addition

instant ice pack for fishing

It’s tough to keep ice in our neck of the woods. With temperatures routinely hovering above the 100-degree mark, it’s not always as easy as heading to the corner store on your way to the boat ramp. By lunchtime, it’s not uncommon for your ice to be completely melted. But man, when I hooked my fingers together, I sure wish I had a cold compress until I got to the hospital. Also worth noting, we fish a lot of stump fields in my area and they’re known to play host to wasp nests throughout the warmer months. When you get stung by one of those suckers, you’d be willing to give your right arm for an ice pack.

The instant ice pack included in the Angler Aid Kit is super convenient and easy to use. You rub it together and by some sort of scientific miracle, it gets cold and helps keep the swelling down if something should happen.