The hook keeper is a great idea


The used reel market stays hot most of the time. Lots of guys like to buy a new set of reels every few years and then sell their “old” reels at a great discount. One of the things that kills a reel’s value is boat rash and hook scratches. Personally speaking, I rarely use the hook keeper on my fishing rods. Some of ’em are on the bottom, some right in front of the reel and so on. I like uniformity on my front deck, so I hang my lures on my reels. I’m sure that makes some of you cringe.

13 Fishing designed this reel, however, with an integrated hook keeper that keeps the reel scratch free if you like to hang your hooks on the reel. The intelligently designed notch keeps your baits in place and the hard plastic surrounding the notch protects the pretty silver-pearl frame of the reel. In my opinion, small, smart features like this can make a big impression on the consumer.