The hook


Taking a closer look at the hook, you’ll find perhaps my favorite thing about this jig. This is an ultra sticky, thin-wired hook with a nasty bend to it. From what I’ve read, it’s a custom-made Mustad Ultra Point Hook. It’s close to an O’Shaughnessy style bend and very effective at pinning fish with minimal effort on the hookset.

Which brings up something worth noting with this jig. You don’t want to jack them as hard with a finesse jig like you would with a big football jig. And you don’t want to use really big line either. Instead, move away from the 20-pound test fluoro and lean more towards 10- or 12-pound, maybe up to 15-pound if you’re fishing in some really gnarly cover. But the lighter line is strong enough and will actually help the action of the bait as it drifts around. The stiffer, bigger line will impede the action a bit and give you too much courage on the hookset, which will eventually open this light wire hook up. This is a bait built to catch big fish, but intended to do so with a little finesse.