The heavy hitter


The ones we typically prefer, however, are a good bit heavier. We buy heavy lead weights intended for catfishing or saltwater use and modify them. You can typically find something similar at most any tackle shop. The 2-ounce ones are probably sufficient and certainly a little cheaper. But if there are 3- or 4-ounce weights available, that’s what we usually go with.

The only issue with the heavier weights is that you don’t want to just start snatching on your bait once you drop a 4-ounce weight on it or else you’ll break your line pretty quickly. Instead, gently bounce the plug knocker and let the weight do the work. And if you’re using really light line, it is a good idea to have some lighter plug knockers on hand. But back to building them.

The weights we use are H&H Lure sinkers and we use these because they have an eyelet built in and they’re fairly smooth so as not to scuff up the line or snag on cover. All you need in addition to the weight is a clip that opens on both ends. Open the smaller end of the clip, run that through the eyelet on the weight and then snap it back shut. Now when you need to use the plug knocker, just unsnap the larger end and clip it around your line.