The hand-painted colors are really impressive


There are 31 colors to choose from in the Battle 1.5 line and some of them are just flat-out sexy. I’ve seen a lot of similar hand-painted plugs retail at $20 or more, but these squarebills are affordably priced at $9.99. 

My all-time favorite crankbait color is Gable Green and for whatever reason, you can rarely (if ever) find it from a large manufacturer. I have buddies who pay $40 per crankbait in this color. There are two colors in this particular line that come dangerously close to this color: Lemon Lime and Blue/Chartreuse. If you’re fishing in any type of lightly stained water, you’d be hard-pressed to beat these colors. I was thrilled to see a Gable Green-type color in this lineup.