The gear Palaniuk uses for a Damiki rig and a drop shot


Palaniuk uses the same rod, reel and line to fish both techniques. An Alpha Angler DSR Rod, a Daiwa Exist 3000 and 15-pound Seaguar Smackdown Braid in the Flash Green color so he can see the line and use it as an indicator of the more subtle bites.

“Then I’ll go with either a 6- or 8-pound test Tatsu leader,” Palaniuk said. “I’ll usually use 6 more on the Damiki rig and 8 more on the drop shot. But I go back and forth on both. The 8 on the drop shot just typically has to do with me being around more cover.”

For the Damiki rig, he uses a hand-poured X Zone Lures Shiver Shad and a 3/8-ounce VMC Neon Moon Eye Jighead.

“The heavy jig head is important,” Palaniuk said. “I usually want to be able to get the bait down to the fish pretty quick. Especially if I see them come up off the bottom a little bit. I want to get it down to them while they’re still in somewhat of an active state.”