The gear I use


I’d be remiss to end this piece without at least mentioning the frogs I use. When it comes to a popping frog, the SPRO Bronzeye Poppin’ Frog 60 is my go to for sure. I like to trim the legs down a good bit and then open the hooks up a little so they’re pointed up slightly and not running parallel with the back the way they come.

Then for the walking frog, I’m a really big fan of the Strike King KVD Sexy Frog. This frog is the best I’ve ever personally used for skipping. Its belly is a little flatter and more rounded than some of the other frogs, which have more of a V-shape to them. Though this V-shaped hull is helpful for some anglers to be able to walk a frog a little better right out of the gate, it can catch on the water’s surface as you try to skip it and dig in or make the bait deflect and skip off to one side on the skip. The slightly duller hull of the Sexy Frog helps that bait skip like a champ, which is really important to me. Again, I like to bend the hooks up a hair and trim the legs.

The rest of the gear I use is the same for both frogs. I like a 7-foot, 3-inch heavy-action Fitzgerald Fishing Vursa Series rod paired with 40-pound test Sufix 832 Braided Line and a Lew’s Super Duty LFS Speed Spool in a 7.5:1 gear ratio. The rod may seem like a little bit of an overkill to some of you but it has a softer tip than one would expect and a whole lot of backbone. It’s the perfect rod for me to allow little side-armed roll casts and still have enough power to haul a big bass out of nearly everything.

In conclusion, those are many of the deciding factors for me when it comes to when, where and how I choose between two of my all-time favorite baits. It’s not a perfect science but the good news is, if you choose the wrong one, you’re still probably going to get bit. In time, you’ll continue to sharpen your discernment and just develop a feel for it. It will only lead to more and more fish catches and likely some really big and memorable ones.