The first problem with my previous storage method


I don’t know if you’re the same way but my boat looks like crap after a day of bass fishing. I’m spitting soft-plastic chunks in the floor of the boat, cutting baits off and throwing ’em in the corner and stuffing discarded line in the cooler or any other nearby compartment. I recently had a frog melt into the carpet of my boat. That was pretty neat. 

Essentially, I’m a very fast-paced fisherman. So when I change frog colors or types, I cut ’em off, stuff ’em back in the box and latch it closed. I don’t really think too much about it. I’m just ready to get back to fishing. 

The issue with traditional tackle trays is that they tend to pinch and crimp the legs of your frogs, as seen in the photo above. I suppose you could be super careful on the water when you’re putting frogs into them but honestly, I don’t think many of us are going to go through that hassle while we’re trying to fish. 

These crimped legs aren’t a huge deal for short-term storage, but if you’re like me and let it happen for an entire offseason, it will ruin your frogs’ actions the next time you fish them. It has happened to me for years and for whatever reason, it didn’t click for me until a few nights ago.