The clarity has impressed me most


It’s tough to overstate the clarity these lenses provide. I chose the Green Mirror lens color and the amount of contrast is leaps and bounds above anything else I’ve put on my face. Whether I’m fishing in sunny or cloudy conditions, these lenses make everything “pop” and allow me to see both hidden cover and bass in shallow water. 

This color also seems to brighten your view on those lowlight days, which I’ve really enjoyed. I can put them on while I’m running across the lake to shield my eyes from raindrops or water droplets coming off my trolling motor without sacrificing my vision or safety. I’ve also been using them a lot when driving my truck in wet or rainy conditions. That might sound weird, but the polarization drastically decreases the glare from my windshield and again, the Green Mirror color brightens everything up and allows me to see clearer than I can with my naked eye.