The challenges with each bait

bass fishing chatterbait

You’ll find a few challenges which each of these baits in certain situations and that will help you narrow down your selection as well each time you’re faced with options. We already discussed how a vibrating jig is more prone to hanging up in wood, so you should choose a spinnerbait there. And a spinnerbait doesn’t skip very well, so you’ll want to go with a vibrating jig when fishing overhanging cover. In addition, the big No. 6 willow leaf blade can be difficult to throw, especially in strong wind, as the blade catches a lot of air and thus slows the bait down. So if it’s a particularly windy day, even though the willow leaf would get bit, you may want to go with a double Colorado to help with the accuracy of your casting.

I don’t like vibrating jigs for extremely cold water, either. You can only fish a vibrating jig so slow and the action is kind of crisp with it. It has a sharper vibration and less of a dull thump like the two big-bladed spinnerbaits. So I prefer those baits that I can reel slower in really muddy and really cold water. But the new Big Blade ChatterBait from Z-Man may fill this hole nicely in time. I haven’t had an opportunity to fish with it yet but this bait has an oversized blade on it and should be fishable super slow with a duller thump than a traditional vibrating jig.

I’ll also shy away from a double Colorado spinnerbait as the water starts to clear. It’s then that I like to swap over to the big willow leaf or a vibrating jig, and this may be more of a personal preference than anything else. But it is a practice that has served me well over the years. Ultimately, selecting the right bladed bait for muddy water is all about looking for the most efficient bait given the particular set of conditions. But one thing is for sure—you should never shy away from the mud. There are big fish living in it and spinnerbaits and vibrating jigs are great tools for extracting them. Hopefully these tips will help you better select the right bladed bait for the job the next time you hit the water.