The Big Jig Box


The Gruv Fishing Big Jig Box is a medium sized box at 9-inches x 7-inches and 2-inches deep. It says it can hold up to 115 jigs, jigheads or hooks. I experimented with a mix of the two by putting multiple varieties of swimbait heads into the box. The polycarbonate shell has the same molded silicone insert system as the Micro Jig Box with an obviously larger footprint. It held even the heaviest jigheads at more than 1 ounce easily. It had a little trouble with really heavy 3/4-ounce 10-o weighted swimbait hooks, but that was more because of how the weight is on the hook. It kept causing the hook to tip over which would pop it up out of its groove. But it held big jigs, hooks, and jigheads really well.