The Bass Tank Power Harness


The Bass Tank preaches clean, consistent power to feed the hungry electronics of today’s boats. What good is that power if you do not have the proper pipeline? They have now expanded on their Original Install Kit to introduce The Bass Tank Power Harness. The Power Harness provides dedicated duplex home-run cables to deliver that clean, consistent power for trouble free operation without the day killing voltage drop issues. 

A 30amp breaker/disconnect is included as well as the jumper to tie the breaker to the battery. Running The Power Harness in your boat could not be any easier with this industry leading simple design. Once the cables are ran, the connectors are as simple as push, strip, lock. 

Engineer designed and tested to meet the power needs of power consuming electronics. Start to finish, this is a simple and clean way to properly wire your boat.

MSRP $349.99, available early August 2021