The Bass Tank LiveScope Guardian


You invest a lot of money in your electronics and you want them to last. The Livescope Guardian is a shroud made to put over your Livescope transducer to protect it from damage while trailering, running down the lake in inclement weather as well as other scenarios like fishing in shallow grass and brush where you don’t want to run the risk of scratching the lenses on your Livescope transducer. We’ve seen anglers have distorted pictures as a result of one of the three lenses on the Livescope transducer being scratched or damaged.   

The Livescope Guardian from The Bass Tank offers the protection you need. Rugged and durable construction means long lasting protection. It also comes with a Lifetime, “You break it, we replace it” guarantee. (See website for details)

MSRP: $ 69.99