The basic idea


I’m certainly not saying I came up with this rig, since upon Googling it I found several others have used a similar set up. I just like the name “shaky shot” more than “drop head”, my first thought, or any of the other names I saw referencing it. If you haven’t been able to deduce yet what I’m talking about, it’s a drop shot with a shaky head in place of the drop shot weight.

Now before anyone starts in on the rig’s multiple hooks debate, I want to remind everyone to be sure their local and state laws don’t prohibit rigs with multiple baits like the Alabama Rig, double Fluke rig or a shaky shot like I’m proposing here. I’m also not to trying to spark a debate here about whether or not a rig like this should even be allowed. I just want to describe my experiences with it and maybe give you guys a new technique to consider trying out.