The basic guts


Among other features, the VLD 10 has the two same controls that you’ll find on the majority of the baitcasters offered today: a spool tension knob and a star-shaped drag control. The spool tension knob is the little circular knob between the handle and the reel body and is adequately named, since it’s used to adjust the tension applied the spool needed to start it spinning. This adjustment helps create smooth casting and is a feature on the VLD 10 that is on par with most other reels.

The star-shaped drag control, again a common feature, is also adequate with the VLD 10. I like that it’s metal, since I have had a spoke break off a few times on other reels when this control was made of plastic. The 20 pounds of carbon fiber drag that this control dishes out are a little beefier than some other reels. This makes the VLD 10 a great reel for flipping, frogging and other power-fishing techniques. But it’s still not so heavy duty that it’s not versatile and able to handle several of the lighter, more finesse baits as well.