The angle of the bait


As the bait is dragged along, its design lifts the hook up off the bottom. This is intentionally done with the orientation of the hook and the line tie in the mold. The bait was designed this way so that the trailer would also stick up as the bait is drug along and thus imitate the defensive posture of a retreating crawfish.

Another interesting design characteristic that contributes to this stance of the bait is the collar of the skirt. The collar has two little holes in it where you can add rattles if you wish. But what’s interesting is that their initial orientation towards the back of the bait serves as a bit of a kickstand for the jig and helps the jig stand up as it’s being drug along. But this collar can get twisted which will cause the bait to fall to one side, so pay attention to its orientation to make sure you’re making the best presentation possible.