Terry Brown


Biggest takeaway: Instead of wearing emotions and opinion on our sleeves, we should all take a deep breath and let the cards fall where they may when it comes to all the changes occurring in professional fishing. Although very important to the overall health and vitalization of the fishing industry, we would all still be fishing without it. I love the professional fishing trails and those who participate in all the leagues, but have found that watching, becoming more educated on the changes and only taking up fights I have a dog in is the best approach. I am looking forward to a great 2020.

Coolest product: As a guy who loves to rig boats and work on them as a hobby, I naturally gravitate towards things that make that job easier. I think I have two products that have piqued my interest. One is a simple multi-connector from T-H Marine called the Hydra Multi-Connection Plug. It provides solid connections for all kinds of devices and keeps the integrity of electrical connections without having a spaghetti mess. The other is the new Power-Pole Charge System that allows my batteries to be charged fully and lets me utilize my cell phone to monitor them.

Technology lesson: If you can think it, you can build it. Some of the best products to come out in recent years were a result of anglers and boaters wanting a better mousetrap and figuring out just how to do that. The excitement for the future has no boundaries.