Tension knob and spooling shaft

fishing reel spooling system

In this photo, you’ll see two bright green knobs. Unscrewing the one on the right will allow you to remove the spooling shaft and place a spool of line on the Spooling Station. When doing this, you’ll also be able to adjust the height of the shaft based on the diameter of the spool.

The green knob on the left is actually used to adjust an integrated brake for adjustable spool tension. This keeps your spool from dumping a bunch of line off when you stop reeling, a common nuisance that occurs with other methods of spooling reels.

With these two adjustments, the Spooling Station can accommodate a spool up to 2 inches thick and 4 1/2 inches in diameter. You’ll also notice a spool line retention clip near the bottom of the photo used to keep the line from unraveling when not in use.