Tangle-free guides

fishing rod guides

You’re not going to have any line management issues when you’re using the new Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rods. The Fuji K-Series guides with Alconite rings help facilitate long and accurate casts regardless of the reel you choose to use. I’ve tested a bunch of rods in the past few years that seem to have a lot of tangle issues, especially with braided fishing line. That hasn’t been the case with these rods. In these particular photos, I was using 12- to 15-pound fluorocarbon for reaction baits but I’ve also used these rods to frog fish with braided line. Not once have I had a single tangle, even when fishing in especially windy conditions.

I’ll also note how well-made and durable these guides are. Although I don’t encourage it, you can step on these guides on your front deck, put the rod in the back of your pickup or put it in your kayak and you won’t have to worry about the guides failing or breaking. This is a darn-solid rod in which I’ve developed full confidence.