Tales of another time

old bass fishing lures

Most of these stories I’ve heard a hundred times before. But thank God I have the presence of mind at 35 to let my dad tell his stories, knowing how much he’d love to hear his dad tell his one more time.

I listened on as he recalled stories of three-hooked Creme worms and Shyster spinners.

Of bank fishing?

“Because that’s all we had.”

Cutting grass two or three times allowed him to buy a $2 Tad Polly or Lazy Ike at one of the three general stores in the area.

“There was no Walmart back then.”

Each store had a glass case housing the small artificial lure selection it had on proud display, the glass no doubt having to be regularly wiped clean of fingerprints and nose-shaped smudges as dad and his buddies strained for a closer look between hard-fought purchases.