Tackle tray system and additional storage

bass fishing backpack

There are five additional zippered compartments as well as four rubber coated mesh pockets. These work extremely well for packs of soft plastics, hard baits still in their original packaging, wacky rig tools, dye, cull tags and more. Each is accompanied with a heavy-duty zipper paired with an oversized pull tab for easy operation, even if you’re in an awkward position, like reaching behind yourself in a kayak. There are also six matching tackle trays that come with the backpack. These are held in to the bag by a combination of straps, netting and a buckle.

This is a pretty innovative idea and not something I’ve seen done by anyone before personally. Though the overall bag has a soft feel to it, you can tell the walls around these boxes have a thin sheet of harder material reinforcing them. This, along with the tackle trays themselves, gives the bag enough rigidity to stand upright firmly if you want to set it on the ground, on the floor of the boat or in the back well of a kayak. But when taking a tray out, I prefer to lay the bag on its back and slide the tray up and out.

There’s also a little rain cover stored under the top front zippered compartment that can be pulled down over the trays to offer a little protection whenever there’s a rain or spray from the water present. There’s an elastic band in the trim of the cover that can be pulled over two small black tabs at the bottom of the bag to secure the cover in place. Another really smart addition.