Tackle for spinning cranks


Knight throws his small winter crankbaits on a 7-foot medium, fast-action Lew’s Custom Pro spinning rod with a 3000 series Lew’s Custom Pro reel carrying 8-pound Gamma copolymer line. Here’s the benefits breakdown:

Line: Copolymer’s not as stiff as fluorocarbon in cold water and that limp nature further facilitates small bait management.

Reel: The larger spool of a 3000 series promotes longer casts and handles that limp line well.

Rod: Knight says the limber tip and parabolic design affords him longer casts, plus the ability to fight a fish on light treble hooks.  

“That tip enables me to load up that bait and make longer casts and have more play with a lighter bait,” he said. “Also, when you’re cranking, you don’t want to have a real stiff tip. You want to have some play there, so when a fish comes up and inhales the bait backwards, this allows it to get the lure better. And, with light line, that parabolic design allows you to play the fish better.”