bass fishing spinnerbait with swimbait trailer

I’ve really liked a small swimbait in recent years for a lot of my spinnerbait fishing, especially in clear to fairly clear water. When picking a spinnerbait for these conditions, it’s typically a good idea to use a realistic color pattern and either a double willow or, on occasion, a Colorado/willow leaf combo. Where I live, “realistic in clear water” means a shad imitator most of the time.

A swimbait like the Missile Baits Shockwave is a great complement to this style spinnerbait. The Shockwave has a little paddle tail at the end that gives off just enough action without overdoing it in the clearer water. You’re also typically going to be fishing this bait fairly quickly, not wanting the bass to get too good of a look at it. So the small tail is perfect, giving off a little action without a lot of resistance. The more resistance a trailer offers, the more it’s going to slow down your bait. With that principle in mind, let’s look at the next trailer option.