swimbait rigged on the back of a bass fishing buzzbait

I really like a swimbait like the Missile Baits Shockwave on the back of a buzzbait as well. I’ll actually use a swimbait like this as a trailer sometimes even when I’m fishing a traditional buzzbait with a skirt. But if you get into a situation where the fish are a little finicky and won’t quite commit to the larger profile of a skirt or a skirt and a trailer, you can rig up this little number and get more bites.

Rigging a swimbait is more for open water and cover you can fish through, like tree tops and water willow grass. Not to say you can’t fish a buzzbait rigged with a toad in those places, too. The delineation comes when gauging the aggressiveness of the bass. If they’re really eating, stay with the toad. If they’re slapping it or following you bait, swap to the swimbait. You lose the ability to skip the bait as efficiently when moving to the swimbait but you’ll get more bites on a tough day.