Surprisingly quiet


One of the first things I noticed about this line was how quietly it came through the line guides. I’ve used a bunch of braid in the past that squeals and whines as it comes through the line guides. If I can hear it above the water, I feel like the fish can also hear it. Also, I imagine that if it’s that loud coming through line guides, it must also be equally as loud when it comes through vegetation or wood cover–almost like playing a violin. 

I could be wrong, but this has always been a big confidence deal for me. I just don’t like a loud braided line. 

The Yo-Zuri Superbraid is incredibly quiet coming through the guides. I first tested it while on the water with my wife and during the very first retrieve with my swim jig I told her how impressed I was by its quietness. You can barely hear it regardless of your technique, bait selection or retrieve. 

It has a fairly waxy feel to it, which I’m sure allows it to be so quiet. Even after a lot of casts, it maintains this waxy feeling and stays nearly silent.