Superior bite detection


Many of your bites will occur on the fall whenever you’re finesse fishing, which makes them difficult to detect at times. The wacky rig is probably my favorite finesse technique and I’d be willing to bet that 95 percent of my bites happen when the worm is falling on a completely slack line. You have to be a careful line-watcher to maximize your hookup ratio. 

While using the Vicious Hi-Vis Braided Line, each and every bite has stuck out like a sore thumb. I don’t have to get in a feeling contest with them and risk the bass spitting the hook before my hookset. Of course, this is due to the very bright yellow color of the line. 

As the bait falls to the bottom, you’ll easily see the line jump or tighten every time a bass nips at it. This is especially helpful in windy conditions when your sensitivity is drastically reduced due to a big bow in your line. Whether I’m fishing in lowlight or sunny conditions, with or without sunglasses, there is absolutely zero doubt when I get a bite.