Super thin


Seaguar Gold Label is incredibly thin, with the 8-pound test touting a diameter of just .009 inches. Not only does this make it harder for the bass to see underwater, but it also makes for a much smaller and more compact line-to-line knot.

There are all sorts of leader knots out there and some anglers get incredibly complex with them. The reason for all of these crazy knots is primarily to create the smallest knot possible so there’s less friction as it goes through your guides. There’s nothing more irritating than a clunky, oversized knot slapping against your line guides and hurting your casting distance.

I’ve been using a very basic leader knot, the two-join uni, while testing Seaguar Gold Label. I can confidently say that the knot is noticeably smaller with this line when compared to other lines I’ve tested. It doesn’t bang around the guides which allows for pretty insane casting distance, even when using lightweight or weightless techniques.