Super soft plastic


I think anglers are conditioned these days to think especially soft baits lack durability; I’m certainly guilty of that thought process. I like the added action that a super soft formula provides, but it can become irritating and expensive over time. 

The Adrenaline Bug, however, is quite soft but still maintains plenty of durability to last for several fish catches. Both the body and appendages are soft, but the head of the bait stays on a hook well and rarely slides down the shank, even after repeated skip casts to overhanging cover. I took this bait to a local pond and caught an easy average of four to five bass per bait. 

I’ve also noticed something pretty interesting: The bass are holding onto this bait for a really long time. We’ve had a lot of random weather fronts sweep through our area lately, which has resulted in a lot of short strikes and odd bass behavior. This has been one of baits I’ve relied on, however, because they’ll suck it in and swim with it for several feet before I have an opportunity to set the hook. With that being said, my hookup ratio has been outstanding throughout my testing.