Super low stretch


In terms of its low-stretch qualities, Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line reminds me of the old Bass Pro XPS Fluorocarbon I used to use in college. That stuff was insane when flipping and pitching shallow cover because whenever you set the hook, pretty much all of that energy transferred directly to the bass.

I’m happy to say that this line is pretty much the same way. When you set the hook in close quarters, do not be surprised if you have a 14-inch bass flying towards your face. It’s a very low-stretch fluorocarbon which not only assists in hooksets but I also feel like it helps increase sensitivity as well.

If you’re looking for a tough fluorocarbon line, I’d absolutely recommend trying the Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line. It’s manageable, strong and resists knicks and cuts with the best of ’em. I’ve always thought of Yo-Zuri as a bait company but they’re about to make waves in the fishing line industry with this stuff.

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