Super lightweight even with 13 bearings


The magnesium frame is a High Precision Machine Cut AIRMETAL Housing. Because of this design, it is lighter while also being more durable with way less play than most reels on the market. It gives you the best of all worlds from precision operation to ultra-light weight at 5.5 ounces in a small package that is built like a bulletproof tank.

The outside of the reel did scuff and scar some through the last 6 months of heavy use. But I try to baby it as much as I can but I also wanted to see what it could handle. I would recommend keeping a reel cover on it and not hanging your lures on any part of the frame where hook rash might cause wear to the finish.

But the reel feels as solid and smooth as it did 6 months ago with zero added play or slop in its performance. A very quality build throughout.