Styrofoam or packing foam

bass fishing lures on styrofoam

Styrofoam is one great household item to repurpose instead of tossing in the trash bin. You can take styrofoam or packing foam and cut little chunks out of it to help keep your baits, terminal tackle or other small items locked in place; this helps you avoid damaging them or even losing them.

Take a chunk of foam, stick your favorite topwaters in it and pop it in your tackle box. Now you can throw away the bulky packages and rest easy knowing when you go looking for a topwater in a few months, the paint job won’t have weeks worth of wear and tear on it from bouncing around in your box trip after trip.

Or do the same thing with terminal tackle like Ned heads, shaky heads, tungsten weights and hooks. If you think about it, foam similar to this is already being used in a lot of the higher-end terminal tackle boxes out there now to secure these small but pricey little pieces of fishing tackle. Again, by doing this, you can ensure that your painted jigheads aren’t just unpainted jigheads sitting in a pile of dust by the time you go looking for one.