Strong, sharp hook

bass fishing swimbait hook

For starters, the hook has to be of good quality. It doesn’t really matter how well the jighead is designed or how good the fish bite it if the hook is dull or bends easily. Not surprisingly, considering the name of the jighead has “Lazer Sharp” in it, this swimbait head has a nice sharp point to it.

This is important because bites often come a long ways from the boat and down deep, where the stretch and the bow of your line can make it hard to get a good hookset on a fish at times. But this hook is sharp and does its job of penetrating the fish’s mouth well.

The hook is also strong, which is a combination that is sometimes hard to pull off when trying to make a sharp hook. The larger the diameter of the wire of a hook, the stronger the hook is. But it’s easier to make a thinner wire hook sharper, so there’s a fine line to toe between a thin wire and a thick wire when making a hook that’s both sharp and strong. Eagle Claw nailed it here with this jighead, focusing slightly more on the strength of the hook when selecting the wire. This one is stout, which I like a lot, but still sharp.