Strong hook


One of the most important characteristics of any type hollow-body bait is the hook and the Hop Popper Frog has a good one. I don’t know the exact maker of the hook since I couldn’t find it listed anywhere. But I’d say it’s comparable to other leading frog hook brands. It’s a super strong, double frog hook with a slight upward bend.

I tested this frog out without modifying the hooks and it performed well. Though I typically bend up the hooks slightly on almost every frog I throw and trim the legs a bit, I always like to review a frog by fishing it exactly how it comes out of the pack; so that’s what I did with this bait.

I did lose one good fish on this frog and bending the hook up slightly might have helped there. Overall, however, the hookup ratio has been great and comparable to other frogs I like to throw. And that one instance where I lost one, the fish made a big run right after the bite and I wasn’t able to catch up to it to make a good hookset. So that likely had as much to do with it as anything.