Strong exterior


The mechanics of a reel are important to me, obviously. A reel has to be able to cast well and have a good drag system. Those characteristics result from the guts of a reel, and we’ll get more into that in a few minutes. But in my experience, if the exterior of a reel isn’t up to par, the guts won’t be able to hold up for long either.

I’m fairly rough on my equipment. A reel of mine is in and out of my truck, dad’s boat, other boats and even tossed onto the ground from time to time. I do a lot of bank fishing and metal boat fishing, both of which are rough on a reel. You can see a few visible scars from the wear and tear on the Fitzgerald VLD 10 Casting Reel as it has made its rounds the last few months. But the all-metal frame has done its job. The inner workings of the reel haven’t skipped a beat because of the strong exterior shell.