Strong as an ox


Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line is certainly no slouch in regards to its strength. I have not tested many other lines stronger than this one, to be honest. If you get snagged in an offshore brush pile, you better be ready to play tug-of-war and relocate that brush pile if you want to get your bait back. It is incredibly strong and I have absolutely no worries about flipping and pitching the thickest stuff I can find when I’m using it. The 20- and 25-pound tests are ridiculously strong.

I’m not usually a slack-line hookset kind of guy but I put everything I had into my hooksets while testing this line. It’s important to mention that I do not get carried away or fancy with my fishing knots. I use a simple Palomar knot. Period.

With that being said, I can’t break this stuff or make my knot fail. So if you like to fish nasty cover and get up-close and personal with bass in shallow water, I’d certainly recommend giving it a shot.